Knowing the Roles of Muscles of the Chest

Human has many muscles inside their body. Those muscles help the human in doing their daily activity. There are muscles that help the human in moving the upper side body, while the other muscles help them in moving their lower side body. The upper side of the body is controlled by many muscles. One of […]

The Human Nervous Diagram in Controlling Human Body’s Motions

One of the basic needs of a human besides food, house and clothes is motions. Human needs motions due to their muscular system that lies inside the body. They need to always be exercised so that they can still be strong. Many of us think that the one which make our body make any motion […]

How the Muscular System in Our Body Works

Every day, people do many things that force them to move. It is may be working, studying, and others. They do many motions in a day. The motions are can be the conscious or unconscious motion. In doing the motions, they are supported by muscular system in their body. It consists of many muscles that […]

The Nerves of the Legs, Things Lead to Reflex Motion in Feet

Every day, we make many motions. As human being, we need to move every day. It is to go to work, going school, or even our daily activities such as walking in our house to do the things such as sweeping the floor, cooking, and so on. But do you know that our motions are […]

Inferior Vena Cava, a Road for Blood Coming Back to the Heart

Our body consists of many organs. They have their own function in keeping our body works well. Those organs certainly are the member of a system. The system works together to create a healthy body including the stability of all the body’s condition. We have all known that there is a very important part of […]

Know Deeper about Muscles of the Knee

One of the most important organs in human body is legs. Legs help a human in supporting their body weight. Without these organs, you can imagine how bad a human body is. Besides supporting the human body weight, these organs are also supporting human in doing their daily activity such as walking, running, and all […]

Five Training Methods to Increase the Muscles of the Shoulder

Shoulder muscle is one muscle men dream; besides that, owning the muscles of the shoulder that are proportional can also help to improve your posture by giving the impression of athleticism. There are many reasoning to build your shoulders muscles. Some of them are for their appearance, self-confidence, and to balance the body. This muscle […]

Six Endocrine Glands That You Can Find In the Endocrine System Diagram

In the human body there are six important endocrine glands, and usually always be listed on the endocrine system diagram. They are: 1. Pituitary. This gland is located at the base of a large brain and produces a variety of hormones that regulate the activities of other glands. Therefore, the pituitary gland called the master […]

How to Overcome the Problems in the Digestive System of Yours

Abdominal bloating, constipation, or heartburn is a type of problem that never felt by everyone in the digestive system. This may seem trivial, but it can inhibit the activity or even endanger your health. It is important for you to recognize common problems and to do things that can help improve digestive health. That way, […]

Be Careful, These Diseases Might Attack the Nervous System of Yours

Damage to the nervous system can be a very fatal problem for you. Unfortunately, few are aware that this disease often you find around you, and may also be able to attack you. Here are some neurological diseases that are often experienced by many people. 1. Stroke (Cerebrovascular accident or cerebral apoplexy), is damage to […]